John Constable, Cloud Study (detail), n.d.

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Bwahahahahaha…. My baby brother protecting us from the AZ purge

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Jake’s mom is a total badass

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i want this framed and above my bed tbh

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what a beautiful day to not be in high school

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The model featured in one of Burger King’s infamously suggestive ads for the BK Super Seven Incher has said the company used her image without her permission. In a statement, the woman said that she was publicly humiliated and calls for people to boycott. 

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Ceramic Cat Mug

Invite your cat to share some coffee with you in the morning. Crafted out of fine ceramic, these mugs feature a cat face and cute cat ears. Available in white and black. Sold on Etsy.

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Jensen Ackles for Harper’s Bazaar China

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"big boobs don’t count if you’re fat"

neither does a big dick if half of it is your personality

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